Some of the frequently asked questions to Hue Innovations

Who is your target market?

Currently we are targeting Nail Salon owners. Our plan is to expand to mass marker consumers eventually.

When will you release the product to market?

We are right now in the final stages of design and development. We will be beta testing in a select few locations by January/February 2016. We are expecting to open for preorders by April/May 2016.

Is the machine assembled in USA?

We are planning to have an assembly plant in Louisville, KY.

Why is technology startup company Hue Innovations head quartered in Louisville?

Hue Innovations relies on its suppliers to supply components and parts for manufacturing. Louisville is the hub of UPS and FedEx in east coast. It is easier to get the shipments on time. Its CEO Mimi has close ties with the city, making it efficient for Hue Innovations to set up an assembly line in Louisville, KY.

Why is product development team / R&D in Canada?

Hue Innovations was cofound by its COO Dr. Balaji Venkatesh, who completed his PhD from University of Toronto, Toronto, ON Canada. He put together a core group of people who were passionate about bringing forward idea of Mimi Pham (CEO) to introduce technology in Nail Salons.