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Note from CEO – Mimi Pham

Hue Innovations is getting ever closer to completing its first product Mi-Color. Here you will be able to track our product development progress as we start beta testing our machines in few selected nail salons (January / February 2016). We are grateful and humbled for overwhelming interest we have seen from numerous salon owners all across USA. We would like to say our sincere thanks for their interest, encouragement and support. Without their encouragement, it would not have been possible for us to understand Mi-Color’s positive impact in a much more deeper way through the problems that they are facing every day in a nail salon. I am confident Mi-Color will reduce the costs for the salon owners, reduce the wastage contributing to a greener community and help the salon customers to have the choice of the desired color.

I would like to personally thank every member of my team for their efforts in this regard. The support from Entrepreneurial community in Louisville has been wonderful and helpful for us. Bellarmine University, Kentucky Innovation Network, Venture Connectors, Entrepreneurial Women Networks in Louisville to name a few and all the amazing people connected with them deserve a special mention for their time, advise and financial support in the form of awards. I also have to mention about our suppliers across the world starting from Louisville, stretching to California, New York and across continents in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, India and Germany for their support in supplying us components, materials and technical support to put our product together. Some of these suppliers have had to change their manufacturing process to get us the customized products to put together Mi-Color.

As for the demo of our product, there will be limited demos to investors right now, as we are in process of patenting Mi-Color. After we start beta testing, we shall share the details of the same for enthusiasts to take a look and they are welcome to share a coffee with us to make our prduct better!

I  am excited and looking forward to the launch of our product!

Best regards,