Our Product

Brace yourself for the next big thing in Nail Salons and Nail Polish product line. Hue Innovations is bringing you Mi-Color an Instant Nail Polish maker of any color that you can imagine. Now you will be able to match the color of your dress or shoe, the color that you always wanted or color of any object that you can think of.  All these colors can be customized into the nail polish / gel polish of that color!

The nail salons can customize the color their customers want instantaneously right in front of them in minutes. They can solve the problem of inventory by printing as much and when they want, saving them thousands of dollars every month.

Mi-Color is in the 4th prototyping stage and is close to being ready. It is currently being tested using different technologies. The product is a marriage of mathematics, engineering, chemistry and artificial intelligence.

The History – How it all started

The idea came into inception in 2012, as Mimi (CEO) manager of a couple of family run salons, asked Balaji (COO) to solve the inventory problem she faced in salons. She expressed that she has thousands of colors and most of it is never used. She also would not be able to find out which of these she has to buy in her next round of purchases. She had to flip thousands of bottles stored every couple of weeks, to see if she had to order any colors. In spite of having a huge collection of colors, the salon customers were never satisfied. More than 50% of the polishes went unused.

Balaji and Mimi started thinking of a solution to solve this issue. Matthew, established DIY maker and programmer, helped Mimi and Balaji develop Mi-Color to solve the problems in nail salons.