Our Team

Our diverse team with domain expertise and skills in various areas, is helping Hue Innovations progress faster in achieving their dream and making their product Mi-Color a reality. What started off as an idea by it’s CEO Mimi Pham, translated into Mi-Color with the help of amazing team. You can read about them below.

Mimi_Image1_homepageMimi Pham CEO – Chief Executive Officer

Mimi has 20 years of expertise in the nail salon industry. Her rich knowledge and deep understanding of what makes a quality nail polish will be extremely valuable. She recently graduated with her MBA from Bellarmine University in addition to her BA in Mathematics from University of Louisville. Her insight of what makes different styles of polish appealing will guide Hue Innovations in developing and growing a relevant product line. She also knows the ins and outs of how to do business with salons, and is already well connected within the industry.

Balaji_Image_homepageDr. Balaji Venkatesh – Chief Operating Officer

Balaji holds a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Toronto and BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering from Ryerson University. Prior to his PhD he gained industrial experience in top firms such as General Motors and Hindustan Aeronautics Limited. His research and analysis skills combined with his manufacturing experience will be an invaluable asset in core areas for Hue Innovations. He is responsible for operations of the company. He coordinates between various teams of Hue Innovations.


 Matthew_Image_homepageMatthew Dales – Chief Technical Officer

Matthew is a Bachelor of Commerce graduate in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from Ryerson University and is a holder of a US patent for his invention Snappy Flossers. He is an active member in maker community, and is self-taught in the field of electronics and programming. Matthew enthusiastically continues to refine his skills as a maker, and inventor. Matthew plays a key role in bridging the knowledge of Balaji and experience of Mimi, to make Mi-Color.



Weidan_Image_homepageWeidan Ding – Chief Chemistry Scientist

Weidan holds BS/MS degree in Materials Science and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. In 2009 he was awarded the honorable Governor Generals Academic gold Medal in Canada. Weidan, a leading Materials Scientist, is developing the fluids that will be used for our colorants, solution base and finishes.




Asif_Image_homepageDr. Asif Sharif – Chief Data Science and Calibration

Asif holds PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Ryerson University. He is distinguished scholar with numerous peer reviewed journal papers in the areas of bio-mechanics and neuro biology. His experience in processing large amounts of data will help Hue Innovations to analyze the trends and understand the market and customer faster through the large amounts of data that are being collected and our future data collection programs through various avenues.